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 As Republicans we believe in a small government which focuses on those tasks which are enumerated in the Constitution. We believe in the ability of people to work together and solve problems. Membership in the website is limited to those who are current members of the Republican Party.


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Congratulations to our your ellection:

Fred Upton  - 6th District Congressman

Beth Griffin - State Legislature

Paul DeYoung - Register of Deeds

Michael Bedford = County Prosecutor

Daniel Abbott f- Van Buren County Sherriff

Suzie Roehm - Van Buren County Clerk

Karen Makay - Van Buren County Treasurer


Kurt Doroh District #2

Richard Godfrey District #3

Richard W. Freestone District #4

Mike Toth District #5

Donald Hanson District #6

Paul Schincaroil District #7